Monday, September 05, 2005


It seems the more I listen to the news about Katrina, the more sickening it sounds. I have nothing to say on the subject that hasn't been said over and over, eloquently and heartrendingly, elsewhere, but it just felt wrong to blog about the daily crap in my life without so much as according a mention to the thousands and thousands dead, homeless, bereaved, suffering, shellshocked. And then there was this link I found which isn't even about Katrina, but about the sheer horrific extent to which everyday life can suck for too many people in the world even minus natural disasters (the post itself is sad enough, but if your heart isn't quite ripped all the way out already, read the comments).

There is nothing I can say right now that isn't trite and useless. All I know is, I've been holding my son even closer than usual. And I can't put into words how choked up I feel for those parents who will never again be able to do the same.