Monday, November 07, 2005

Place your bets now, ladies and gentlemen!

Following a somewhat heated argument between my husband and myself as to whether the overall effects of weaning Jamie at this stage are likely to be good (his view) or bad (my view), I felt it might be helpful to get as much information as possible on how it's worked out with other children. (Yes, I know the plural of 'anecdote' isn't 'data', but anecdotes can still be useful for giving a general idea of what sorts of things might happen.)

Anyway. That is just the essential background. The salient point is this: I have just made a post to an Internet parenting group explaining the above and stating, clearly, that what I am after here is experiences rather than opinions.

The question, dear readers, is this: How long will it be before someone decides that what that means is "But what I _really_ need is your opinion" and proceeds, accordingly, to give it?

Bets may be placed either on that, or on how many people will do so, or on both. There are probably other potential betting topics involved, such as how persistent people will be in insisting that their belief is the one and only objectively correct way to bring up a child and how long it will be before someone invokes the name of Dr Sears, but let's keep it simple here.

Place your bets now, ladies and gentlemen!


At November 07, 2005 3:11 AM, Blogger Lara said...

In case you're looking for experiences from EPers too - we had no problem shifting Luke over from breastmilk to WCM at nearly 15 months; but at just past his third birthday he's showing no sign of being willing to give up his bedtime bottle of milk (and the odd car-trip or naptime bottle). We have talked about it, but he's not keen yet. Since my original plan was to breastfeed until child-led weaning, we're going with what I believe to be are his suck needs for now. (That might be opinion, but it's opinion about our situation, not about yours!)

An aside: We did finally get rid of the routine wee-hours feed very recently after a few attempts. Several months we made an unsuccessful attempt at getting rid of the middle-of-the-night feed over a period of time, experimenting with alternatives: and the _only_ alternative that worked was a sandwich! Not water, not anything else. So I assumed from the evidence available that it was real hunger in his particular case, not thirst or comfort-seeking.

As always, YMMV.


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